Energy Depot is one of the leading Australian owned solar and energy distributors since 2015. Over the years, we have established a strong partnership with the key manufacturers in the market, which enables us to provide our clients with the best products at the most competitive price. We have been providing our services to the top retailers of solar and LED. We deliver the biggest brands at competitive prices to our customers and partners. We exist to give businesses greater energy efficiency and reduce their expenses.

We off set the stock costs by trading STCs, VEECs, and ESCs, then deducting the value from the stock. Our services include Solar Panels, Inverters, Battery Storage, Led Lighting, and Diesel Generators. We offer a quick and easy ordering platform with pickup and delivery options. Our team at Energy Depot facilitates prompt deliveries and get coordinated with installers to make your life simple.

The Energy Depot is one of the most innovative and fast growing companies. It is our goal to help Australians make a difference to the environment and at the same time, invest in their future without compromising their exisiting lifestyle. Our mission is to provide the latest, highest quality solar products to the market. Energy Depot runs its business efficiently delivering innovative products and services.

The Solar Industry has been very competitive and offers massive customer incentives such as STC Rebates, Solar Victoria Rebates, and SA Home Battery Scheme. We will keep offering high-quality products, fast delivery, and honest services to our valued customers.

At Energy Depot, we believe in promoting the adoption of the solar technology so that our clients can have a conflict-free power supply, which is environmentally-friendly too. We source and research companies to give Australians reliable, quality and affordable solar panels for their home or business. Our huge warehouses in every state allows us to buy in large quantities to maintain affordable prices for everybody.